Megatouch: Our House

Lots of changes are going on over here. We've decided to reinvest our tax return into our house and are knocking off some big items on the "To Do" list we've been keeping since we bought the place. It's slow going, but little by little it will end up being something pretty major when we're all done.

Thought it might be fun to play a little game. Kinda like Megatouch, that video touch screen game at bars. (Yeah, I didn't remember what they were called until I googled it.)

Here is our place as it previously appeared. Pretty sweet, huh?

And here it is today:

Can you see the difference between the two photos? Do you?

I wish I had a great prize for guessing the correct answer, but I have a feeling we'd have a ton of winners. (Note: There's a clue in the picture.)


JLK and JL said...

Love it! It looks darling!

AlanTK said...

The shrubs being removed I get. But how did you remove that fire hydrant? Nice job on both.