Good Deeds 2012 Week 1: Set Up Monthly Donation

Image: Pixomar / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
 Good Deed: Signed up for small monthly contributions to a charitable organization

Greenpeace got me. I'm not even kidding. I was walking down Michigan Avenue on a particularly nice afternoon when I was stopped by a Greenpeace employee. I usually duck and run or pretend I'm on my cell phone or give them the "we're not in the position to give right now" excuse. But, after ten years of working in the city... They finally got me. I signed up for a small monthly contribution.

We've actually found that making monthly contributions that come right out of our account is a really easy way to give. Signing up for a small amount (say $10-$20 per month) isn't as rough on your bank account as writing a check annually might be. It's easier to part with the cash when you realize that a $10 monthly contribution is the same cost as skipping one lunch out per month.

My recommendation would be to choose an organization(s) that's important to you and has a mission that you believe in. And do your research with an online charity watchdog, like Charity Navigator.

How did you make a difference this week? Interested in joining me in doing one good deed a week in 2012? Here's more information about my goal.

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