Meal Planning: Week 5 Thanks to Artizone

Boxes full of goodness...
I ordered groceries for the first time ever and I think I'm in love. Chicago has a great new grocery delivery service called Artizone. They deliver fresh food from specialty, independent, locally owned shops to your door. I was super excited to get my first delivery on Friday night (right on time and a nice delivery man!), which had lots of good stuff for our meals this week:

Monday: Roasted vegetables and amish chicken
Tuesday: Pasta with shrimp, shallots, and lemon
Wednesday: Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin and butternut squash risotto
Thursday: Wild mushroom pappardelle and a salad
Friday: Dinner out for my birthday!

We also ordered some salmon, which I made on Saturday and was possibly the best salmon we've ever had. Also, we have come Cowda cheese in the fridge just waiting for us...

Have you ever had your groceries delivered? It's pretty amazing and I'd recommend trying it. Artizone is offering free delivery until February 15th, so you might want to give it a whirl. I still had to go grocery shopping today to fill in the pantry and some staples, but I'm a firm believer that fresh, finer ingredients are worth the extra money and I continue to be disappointed in what I find at any chain grocery stores in my area. Ordering through Artizone saved me some mileage and time this weekend and made my meal plan a ton easier.

Disclosure: I attended the Artizone kick-off party recently where I received a $30 coupon with no obligation. Opinions are my own, as always.

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