The 2012 Post: If It's Broken, Fix It

We have a tendency here in the Hannemaniac household to plan on getting to things. I put off the things that I really don't like to do. I admire people who do things to just get them out of the way or start with the things they don't like, so they can focus on all the other good stuff. Instead, I have a terrible habit of putting those things aside and busying myself with another one of the hundred things on my to-do list. This is why things in my life pile up and why I work really well under pressure. Matt and I both have these habits.

So, here's to beating deadlines, replacing the bathroom fan and light in the kitchen, cleaning out all our of our drawers and closets, and fixing ourselves in all the ways we need to, but keep putting off until we "have time."

What are your resolutions this year?

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