I'm a Kidgrade Ambassador!

When you have kids your eating-out habits are going to change. It's inevitable. For us, it means we  don't eat out as often. And, when we do, we find ourselves at different restaurants than we used to go to and are looking for the best possible place for us to have a good meal and feel comfortable with our kids.

Some restaurants just aren't kid-friendly, which is OK. Maybe they're missing a changing table or only have one high chair. Or maybe they're just complete jerks about the fact that you have kids. Or the food takes fooooorrrreeeevvveeeerrrr and the kids menu is gross and overpriced. All of those things can ruin an experience with kids. We learned early on that when dining out with kids you're looking for good food, an environment accepting of your kids, timely food service, friendly servers, and clean changing tables and high chairs.

To make that easier we have Kidgrade, a site created to help families navigate the places that are worth your time and those that just aren't. It helps take trial and error out of the rare opportunities to go out for dinner.

We've learned a lot of by our own trial and error. I've changed diapers in very creative places and enjoyed my meal with a kid on my lap. We've been the only family in a too-quiet restaurant or waited beyond tantrum time for our food. And every time it sucked.

Matt once commented that it would be awesome if there was a website that rated places for families to help make going out easier. What if parents could find the best fit for them before going out to dinner instead of finding out the hard way? So, imagine how happy I was to find the site already existed and - even better - I get to partner with it!

Check out Kidgrade! Be sure to submit your favorite spots or check the rating before the next time you head out!


Frosted Fingers said...

What a great idea! I'd love to become an ambassador as well!

Alicia said...

Yay! Congrats :) I am, too :)