Handmade Thank You Cards by W

Like most kids W loves to color and in the last few months he's really started to actually draw, which is so fun. I like having him create thank you cards, because they're cute and who doesn't love a cute kid drawing for their fridge?!?!

These are W's Christmas thank you cards. I wrote "Thank You" on note cards and then left it up to him, asking what he drew each time... Let's just say I would love to spend a few minutes in this kid's head:

"Dr. Octopus"

"Ironman Fighting A Bad Guy"

"Octopus" (as opposed to his friend Dr. Octopus)

"Oogly Monster"

"Portrait of B"

"Portrait of W"

"Supermans's Car"

"T-Rex Eating a Lemon"
I really love "T-Rex Eating a Lemon" and his self portrait.

Which one is your favorite?


Alan said...

The Force is strong with this one.

He could do an entire gallery show of dinosaurs eating.

Lara Kercinik said...

Jack LOVED this.... Particularly Rex eating the lemon. He totally appreciated the humor on that. Like father lik son - those were good!

Brandy said...

How cute are these! Also super creative as well. I agree the T-Rex is probably my favorite.

Christina said...

I like "Ironman fighting a bad guy". Very creative.