Diaper Bag (Diaper Being the Most Important Word)

At the wedding this weekend we had a "New Parent Alert" moment, but I have to admit, I don't think we can play this one off. Not sure there is an excuse for this one.

We're at the wedding, enjoying cocktails in the beautiful weather. William is wet, so I take him inside, can't find a changing table, decide the floor will do, lay out the mat, reach in the bag for the diaper.... AND NO DIAPER. I packed him a light jacket, a heavy sweatshirt, three toys, cheerios, a mango, some other snacks, a book, socks... But no wipes or diapers.

If I was someone else I may have been embarrassed, but whatcha gunna do? If you're me, you look at your kind husband who agrees to head back to the hotel for these necessary items. Then you change baby's diaper in the car in lieu of changing table. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get it right, then I realize we'd have no stories if we did.

And, though he missed some speeches, Matt made it back in time for dinner.

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