New Patio!

Woo hoo! Home improvement continues (and continues and continues...) as we cross another item off of the "to do" list. New patio: Done (for the most part).

Until now the patio has been a pile of pea gravel sloping toward the house, which has meant water problems and lots of little pieces of gravel in our house. Replacing this space has been on our mind since we moved in, so Thursday night we finally pulled it together and went out to buy supplies with a borrowed SUV thinking we could haul it home and be ready for Friday morning patio building. Apparently, that's not quite possible when you have 150 square feet to cover in paving stones, which is more than a pallet, which is more than 3,000 pounds. Oops, not going to fit into a SUV.
After a fruitless visit to Home Depot, we went to Lowe's. They were less expensive and offered next day delivery. Yes, please. (Consider this a plug for Lowe's, our new home improvement store of choice! Home Depot, we never liked you that much anyway.)

Matt's helpers were Grandpa H, Grandpa B, and Josh. They built a fantastic patio in one day, just in time for our last minute 4th of July BBQ/New Patio Party. We have to finish the edges, but for now it will do. Like I said, one more thing to cross of the list. And we did it ourselves. OK, I had nothing to do with it, except begging Lowe's for next day delivery, but I feel that was a very important piece. Right?

Thanks Patio Building Team! You're the best.

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