The Summer Cut

This morning I dropped Howie off at the groomer and was reminded of a very poignant moment in my life as a new Mom. William was maybe three weeks old, Howie needed a "bath and trim," which I'm pretty sure is how I explained it when I dropped him off. They called a couple hours later to let me know he was ready. I head out to pick him up and am greeted by a shorn, tiny version of my gorgeous, fluffy Howie. (See above photo of Howie's Summer Cut circa 2008.)

"Oh, wow, um, he's short." I pull out my wallet feeling tears rise up. (Tears!!!)

"It's a summer cut. Doesn't he look great!?!" Apparently the owner is trying to talk me into this.

"We just don't usually cut him like this."

"No worries, it will grow back by Halloween."

I quickly pay and run to the car, only to dial Matt at work. He answers and I burst into sobbing, snotty tears and am rendered totally incapable of putting together a sentence. Never a good idea to start conversations like this when you have a tiny baby at home, because said husband will (and should) expect the worst. And with that kind of introduction, Howie's hair being short quickly receives a "No Big Deal" verdict.

But, it was a very big deal to me at that moment. You see, beautiful Howie used to be groomed by John on Ashland, but ever since we moved it was too hard to take Howie there anymore. (I know, John, I'm sorry we lied when we promised we'd still come.) John treats his dogs like a work of art and he's the kind of person who might say, "I don't want to disrupt the integrity of the dog's shape" or something like. I miss him and the way he made Howie look so regal.

Obviously I was crying over more than Howie's bad haircut. I can blame it on the haircut, but it was also the hormones and the new baby and the fact that we were living with my parents and had a new suburban status. It was a lot of things. But, today when I went in to drop off Howie, I told the guy to cut him really short, he's shedding like a maniac.

"Do you want a summer cut?" He asked tentatively, so I have a feeling there is a note in Howie's file strictly forbidding summer cuts.

"That's exactly what he needs." Hopefully when I pick him up today no tears will be shed.

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