Tonight we enjoyed left over 4th of July BBQ chicken for dinner outside. We could vaguely hear the beginning of a heated conversation next door, but still aren't sure what they were saying exactly. I do know this: It was about Israel.

Here is something else I know: Eavesdropping is not new to us. When we were living in our condo in the city (West Bucktown when you want to sound hip, East Humboldt Park when you're looking for some street cred) we did A LOT of eavesdropping, except it was very different. Back then we were listening to lots of random screaming for no reason, the frat boys next door drinking and grilling all day, and crackheads wandering around in the middle of the street. My favorite eavesdropping position was crouched under the window listening to the drug dealers on the front stoop next door. (I fought crime. Another story.)

Anyway, the point is we finally have the drama we've been missing and the screaming (tonight one of the guys called his kids to pack it up and left - WHOA!), but if it's between the two, I'll take a heated political discussion. Though I gotta say I miss the weird guy in the wheelchair using our alley as a bathroom and moaning. It's been so long since I've called the police... I kind of miss the high of justice. Sigh. They don't call me Alderman Hanneman for nothing.

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