Guy's Night

With Lisa off at Stacey's bachelorette party, an all night event, William and I were on our own, so I thought a post from me was fitting. How does a guys only night and morning in the Hanneman house differ from the norm?

Cartoons...We don't let William watch much TV, but having not napped much, Dad treated William to a Sponge Bob Marathon after dinner, but before bed. Okay, the Sponge Bob was as much for me as for William, but it's certainly something Mom wouldn't do. Bedtime was pretty normal, but while William slept Dad worked on comics and listened to music. Morning included waking up to a treat finding a Warren Miller's Off The Grid, an extreme skiing documentary, on TV. I've seen this film before, but I must admit, I wanted to watch it again, lucky for me so did my little guy. As images of skiers jumping off cliffs rolled by, William danced in front of the TV to the loud thrashing tunes. That's my boy.

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AlanTK said...

Our guys' nights like this are amazing similar. I offer the following suggestions, from Jack and my evenings, for your next one. Fried chicken. Episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold OR Robot Chicken. (What is my obsession with chickens?) And a graphic novel, maybe Ex Machina or Y: The Last Man.