Vote for Ade!

Dear SYTYCD Viewers,
What happened? How in the world did Ade end up in the bottom two males this week? I get the others, I do. And I'm OK with it, but seriously Ade is the best male. Brandon might be better technically, but Ade has strength, raw talent, and the personality that should be winning over America right now. Ade should win this season. I stand by that statement.

And now I have to start voting. I try to hold off, think I'll trust America and my co-viewers and obviously I can't. (I know, I sound like all those non-voters after Bush won for the 2nd time.) But, I mean it, I'm going to be a voting machine if that's what it takes to make sure this doesn't happen again.

You've been put on notice, America. Don't let me down. You broke my heart last year when Will lost, but I could understand that one. This, however, I just can't wrap my head around.

Let's not make the same mistake again next week. Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

I also was stunned. But I did vote for Ade. I guess I'm going to have to keep on voting. He is amazing!

Windtraveler said...

What in the HELL are you talking about here!?! I am so confused.