Caribou, we're friends, right?

I'd like to give a shout out to Caribou Coffee for their FREE WIRELESS service. Starbucks, you are dead to me when I have work to do. It drives me totally crazy that Starbucks charges patrons for internet service. Cheap jerks.

But, I must take issue with Caribou on one thing: The Reduced-Fat Cranberry Orange Scone has been changed and I am really disappointed. This used to be my most favorite morning treat, we got to know each other very well in my late pregnancy, early new mom days. My dreams of reuniting with my old friend today were shattered. They changed it on me! And the new version is terrible. Dry, tasteless, chalky. You better believe I sent a message to Caribou sharing my displeasure. I also politely asked them not to go changing the free wi-fi on me too. If you would like to share your opinion on the scone change (and I recommend you do) and thank them for the free wi-fi, visit this page.

OK, I'm working at Caribou this morning and just needed a break from going cross-eyed over a spreadsheet of over 16,000 contacts to clean up for a mailing. But, back to it...

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