Just a Little Sleep Deprived

William hasn't allowed us to get much sleep lately due to a mixture of post surgery soreness, mommy obsession, and teething.

Here is a list of places I fell asleep today:
1. In the car on the way to work. (Luckily Matt was driving.)
2. In the dental chair while getting two cavities filled. (TWICE)
3. In the car on the way home from work. (Again, I was not at the wheel.)
4. While giving William a bottle before bed. (I opened my eyes and he was staring at me.)

And let me tell you it wasn't just dozing, it was falling instantly into a dream. We're both in trouble these days in terms of sleep, but this is the first time that I've actually had problems with narcolepsy.

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Windtraveler said...

Awww...you opened your eyes and he was staring at you? Hilarious. He's all "what's up with her?!"