Yard Work is So Cute

The other day Matt and I were doing some yard work. A neighbor waves at me and I walk over to say hello. It's almost been a year and this is the second time we've spoken.

She tells me that she thinks it is just so cute that Matt mows our lawn and cleans the gutters and that I'm trying to cut back a rather overgrown rose bush. "I just love seeing you two out there."

"Um, thanks???" is really all I could think to say.

So, let me tell you why this is so cute... Because we are one out of maybe five houses in our neighborhood that maintains the yard ourselves. Everyone else has a lawn service that comes during the weekday, so seeing us out there on weeknights and during the weekend sweating and swatting mosquitoes must be adorable.

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Matt Hanneman said...

It is! It's absolutely adorable, especially the moquitos.