Rockmont Brewing

Our friend Anthony is the Master Brewer of Rockmont Brewing Co. and brews some fantastic beers. Though his operation is currently being housed in the closet of his guest bedroom, it's pretty great. He is currently deciding on a logo for his brew and left it up to a vote. Once "the people" decided on a logo, Matt threw his hat in the ring and is challenging the people's vote with what I think is a pretty nifty logo.

So, check out Anthony's site and vote for the logo that you think is best. I think you know which one we Hannemaniacs vote for, and I won't pressure you because this is Illinois and we vote cleanly and fairly. Right? Only 24 hours to vote!

Expect to see this beer on the shelves one day, people. The guys behind Fat Tire love it, you will too. And maybe we'll be able to see Matt's logo on the bottle.

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Marketing Mommy said...

I voted, but my comment didn't seem to take. For what it's worth, I liked the Challenger.